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Maqamat, op. 13
A multi-meter fantasy
Based on an Arabian maqam
grade 5 - 6:25


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This is the second of nearly three-hundred compositions and arrangements I have written for band.  Completed in 1974 while an undergraduate music education major at the University of Miami, the piece received its debut at my senior recital along with several chamber works and Divertimento, my first piece for band which was written when I was in high school.

The original score has been safely kept in my file cabinet for 46 years without being performed.  Over the years, several of my friends who played in that recital (who have also had careers in music) have remembered playing Maqamat, and have on occasion asked why this piece was never published.  The reasons were the difficulty in playing the eighty-five meter changes, along with a number of issues that would make most publishers fearful of undertaking a project like this.  Consequently, I looked at this with more "experienced" eyes, and have edited the piece, revised the unreasonable instrumentation demands of the original scoring (oh, to be young and fearless again!!!), and improved some of the notation.  But otherwise the piece is musically nearly identical to the original. 

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