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Laude!, op. 251
DeMatha Catholic High School Instrumental Music Program, Hyattsville, Maryland
Carlos Castrillon, Director
2023 – grade 3.5 – 4:40


This celebratory piece was commissioned to honor the 50th anniversary of the band program at Dematha Catholic High School. Consequently, the piece opens with an uplifting fanfare which leads to a joyful main theme in 5/4 time. The meters change throughout this fast-paced, playful section before settling into a more thoughtful, lyrical part of the piece that uses the opening fanfare in a poignant manner, and includes many expressive moments involving soaring melodies over a rich harmonic palette. A return to the main theme brings the piece to a rousing conclusion. The title derives from its connection to the Catholic liturgy as well as its meaning "to praise" as translated from Latin.