From Glen to Glen

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From Glen to Glen, op. 235
Commissioned by Rob Izzett and the Oregon Band Directors Consortium
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Grade 3 - 4:10



Inspired by the music of Scotland, this piece is dedicated to the memory of Ian Izzett who loved the Scottish Highlands, playing his tuba, and all things Christmas.  The piece opens in 4/4 time with a strathspey, written in a bold and majestic manner, emphasizing the downbeat Scotch "snap" that gives this style of music its characteristic groove.  A brief transition introduces the beautiful Scottish carol, "Christ Child's Lullaby" set in a soothing 6/8 time.  A brief percussion interlude gives a nod to music of the traditional Scottish military tattoo which leads to a cut time reel which brings the piece to a rousing conclusion.  Given Ian's love for playing his instrument, the music presents several opportunities for the tuba to shine!


From Glen to Glen was commissioned Rob Izzett and a consortium of band directors throughout Oregon in memory of his son, Ian Izzett.