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Freefall, op. 240
Southwest Community Concert Band, Orland Park, Illinois
Ray Forlenza, Conductor
2021 – grade 4.5 – 6:40


Commissioned for the 40th Anniversary of the Southwest Community Concert Band, this technical  juggernaut imagines the thrill of skydiving, replete with moments of spinning, whirling, gliding,  floating, trepidation, anticipation, peace and joy. 

The subject of skydiving never came up during discussions about the piece prior to my starting this project, but somehow thoughts of it provided inspiration, which is odd because I have never  been, nor do I ever intend to jump out of an airplane, with or without a parachute.  Consequently,  writing this piece is as close as I hope to get to that experience.  While the actual act terrifies me,  the time spent writing about it has been incredibly entertaining, and I hope musicians, conductors  and audiences will enjoy performing and hearing the piece as much as I enjoyed composing it.