Music FUNdations for Band (Book B/Black & White Standard Edition)

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MUSIC FUNDATIONS for Band - Music Education Re-imagined - also available for strings!

This revolutionary book that re-imagines how we teach young musicians, and is designed with three goals in mind:

1. Create better musicians

2. Make students aware of how to be better citizens and leaders

3. Have more fun in band!

When completed, the students will not only have learned a great deal but will have a memory-filled journal that they and their parents will treasure forever. Written by two leading authorities with over 70 years in the profession, Robert Sheldon and Scott Lang have created something truly new and unique.

Standard Edition/Book B includes the final 64 pages from the Full Color/Complete Edition, but images are in black & white to reduce costs to those for whom that is a consideration, providing the final three chapters of the original book at less expense.  Teachers should continue to use the Full Color/Complete Teacher Book.  All SEL elements are woven into the music so teachers can provide real-life skills while developing real musical skills. 

Our nine characters (Brayden, Mada, Evan, Elisa, Aiko, Miguel, Tanisha, Amir, and Rexi the dog) represent different ethnicities, nationalities and personalities. Each character speaks to their unique challenges (Asperger syndrome, paraplegia, struggles with learning) in a meaningful way that addresses diversity, empathy, and acceptance. The book also encourages meaningful engagement with parents on a musical and personal level. Practice records are replaced with conversation starters, performance opportunities, and familial interaction. Parents will see their child growing as a musician and a person right before their eyes.

Students are also provided with a variety of ways to play and rehearse (pad slapping, buzzing, bopping, clapping, counting, air-banding, etc…) that make music fun! These techniques will not only "funnify" your rehearsals, but more importantly increase the music literacy levels of your students.  Musical styles, improvisation, conducting, and arranging are introduced and explored. Students receive a more complete and holistic look at what music is and how they can do really big things even as a beginner. Students can be met and challenged at their individual level inside a group setting. In addition to learning different ways to rehearse, play, and read music, they also practice sight reading, music memorization, and commonly used rhythms and keys.  Play-along recordings for the entire book are available here.

“Band-It Band” pieces, short arrangements are memorized by the students and allow them to become a run-out pep band, serving to incentivize the students to practice while providing unique performance opportunities.  

And a dog… Cause everything is better with a dog! Say hello to Rexi :-)

Available in SmartMusic and MusicFirst.  Shipping only available in USA.  For other locations, please visit the Music FUNdations website.