An Iberian Folk Tale

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An Iberian Folk Tale, op. 3
- for Woodwind Quintet -
grade 3.5 - 4:55



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One of his earliest works, An Iberian Folk Tale was written in 1970 during the composer's sophomore year in high school. Originally composed as a three-movement suite, this updated and revised version was edited by the composer fifty-one years after it was completed, finally making it available for performance. The opening section of the piece remains virtually unchanged, but a brief transition was created to link it to the slower thematic material, which was originally the 2nd movement. The original 3rd movement was discarded and the 5/8 section was added. The happy accident in which the clarinet happened to be trilling on the same note that begins its signature descending Phrygian scale heard earlier in the piece, allowed for a seamless link to the opening theme, thus creating a cohesive format to the overall composition. The original ending to the 1st movement was then moved to the final measures, creating a rousing conclusion to the piece.

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